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MDS.,MSc. (Forensic Sciences).
The Indian Assocition of Forensic Odontology Regd.

Applications for the Fellowship programme were called for in October 2014 and admission completed by November 2014. 28 applicants have been accepted and lessons have been sent to the applicants in December 2014. The first one week contact programme of 4 candidates per batch is scheduled to start in April 2015. The course is expected to be completed by September 2015 with final examination in September and award of Fellowships at the 13th IAFO conference in Mysore on September 19, 2015.

The second decision is to establish a National Registry for Forensic Odontology under IAFO, (NRFO), the importance of which in identification of an individual does not need any elaborate mention. To start with, it is being proposed to have a database of NRFO at IAFO and with the participating Colleges and individuals sharing their own data like name, age, sex, address along with an Orthopantomogram and study models, photographs, etc., depending on the availability. The information available in NRFO, could be accessed only for legal identification purposes. I request all the Colleges, seniors and faculty to join in this endeavour which will make NRFO of IAFO as the nodal centre for Forensic Odontology in India. 

I wish all of you A wonderful and Meaningful New Year 2018.

Thank you.
Professor T.Samraj MDS., MSc.
President - IAFO
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Welcome to the indian Association of Forensic Odontology Regd.
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