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Welcome to the indian Association of Forensic Odontology Regd.
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Indian Association of Forensic Odontology (IAFO) Report for 2013-14

Indian Association of Forensic Odontology (IAFO) Report for 2017-18
On 9-10 September 2017, the 15th IAFO National Conference was organised in Bengaluru, Karnataka.Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the organising committee, participation by IAFO members, facultymembers of various dental institutions across the country, and enthusiastic students interested in thisspeciality, the conference was very well-received and attended by about 450 delegates.On 14-15 September, the triennial conference of the International Organisation of Forensic OdontoStomatology (IOFOS) was organised in Katholieke University, Leuven, Belgium. The IAFO is a member society of the IOFOS. Six members of the IAFO participated in the conference, presenting papers and posters. Dr. Ashith Acharya, IAFO Secretary, who was selected by the IOFOS as a member of its Age Estimation Workgroup, attended the meeting of the Workgroup during the conference in Belgium. The age estimation Guidelines that were deliberated on by the Workgroup and later approved by the IOFOS is published on the IOFOS website. Also, the IAFO Secretary was nominated by the President to represent the IAFO at the IOFOS General Assembly as the Official Delegate.

As before, 2017-18 saw the IAFO grow steadily, with 26 life memberships added (the number stood at 421 as of 31 March 2018). Enquiries regarding membership to the IAFO continued, as did enquiries concerning pursuing study in forensic odontology. All interested were given relevant information, encouragement and guidance so that the subject of forensic dentistry gained, and participation in it was maximised. In addition, members of the IAFO served as resource faculty in workshops organised by diverse institutes around India (with at least one of them held under the banner of the IAFO), imparting skills to those interested.

The National Registry of Forensic Odontology (NRFO) has also steadily grown, with contributions from several dentists from multiple states.

With regards to the functioning of the IAFO, the Office-bearers and Executive Committee (EC) members have been in continual communication and discussion with each other concerning the Associationís activities and development, meeting four times in the year. The IAFO Office has been in touch with IAFO members as well, providing updates on scientific literature and evidence base, and national and international forensic odontology activities. And last but not the least, IAFO members have contributed positively in serving justice in diverse criminal cases in India wherein forensic dental evidence was used. Jai Bharat.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. Ashith B. Acharya, B.D.S., G.D.F.O.
Honorary Secretary, IAFO
Date: 30 August 2018
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