Welcome to IAFO
The Indian Assocition of Forensic Odontology Regd.

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Welcome to the indian Association of Forensic Odontology Regd.
Objectives and Goal of IAFO
1. Provide an organization of forensic odontologists whose services may be soughtt by the government during calamities or for expert opinion in deliverance of justice.

2. Help the Dental Council of India and institutions in India to provide uniform qualifications and requirements for the certification of forensic odontologists.

3. To promote establishment of forensic Odontology as a career in private as well as governmental institutions.

4. Stimulate research and development in the field of forensic odontology.

5. Provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of professional experiences between members and among others engaged in the administration of justice, police, governmental tasks, and allied fields.

6. Promote continuing education and training in forensic odontology through the conduct of conferences, seminars, symposiums, workshops etc.

7. To disseminate knowledge of the science through newsletters and appropriate methods.

8. When appropriate and upon request, to provide impartial boards of review for cases involving differences of professional opinion in the field of forensic odontology.

9. When appropriate, review and make recommendations on pending or existing legislation that appears to relate to the field of forensic odontology.

10. Promote forensic odontology services to government and private organizations and to individuals in need.


Membership in IAFO is available to all individuals who have interest and ability to function as forensic odontologists.

The requirements for Ordinary Membership are the following
1. A minimum of graduate degree in dental surgery recognized by the Dental Council of India.
2. Registration in the DCI
3. Sponsorship by one regular member acquainted with the applicant.

Applicants who do not qualify for regular membership as outlined above, but who demonstrate an interest in forensic odontology are invited to apply for Associate Membership. Associate members do not have voting privileges.
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